The Intersection of Technology and Health


Healthcare providers are invited to participate in all levels at this Conference.
From attending panels on the important topic of healthcare provider burnout and the role that technology is playing, to innovative solutions to treating the Opioid Epidemic. This Conference is an opportunity for you to network and solve some your most complicated challenges using technology.

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Digital Health is the latest frontier in medicine, providing new and innovative ways for healthcare delivery, privacy, and care.

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Investors are one of the keys to innovation in healthcare and the life sciences, without their capital to fund ideas, progress could not continue.

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The Next Era in Innovation offers insights into research where technology is being applied to help find answers to the latest treatments for deadly diseases like Alzheimer’s disease, CANCER and DIABETES.

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Thought-provoking panels drive policy content including the high-cost of healthcare, reducing readmission rates, healthcare provider burnout, and the treatment of chronic pain without the use of narcotics.

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Keynote Speakers

Eric Holcomb

Governor of Indiana

Suzanne Crouch

Lieutenant Governor

State of Indiana

Lawrence Einhorn, M.D.

Distinguished Livestrong Foundation Professor of Oncology and Medicine

Indiana University Health

Jan M. Lundberg, Ph.D.

Chief Scientific Officer and President of Lilly Research Laboratories

Eli Lilly and Company

Sarah Hallberg, DO, MS

Medical Director

Virta Health


Anne Marie Tiernon

Healthbeat Reporter & News Anchor

Eyewitness News

Samuel L. Odle

Senior Policy Adviser

BOSE Public Affairs Group

Sue Heinzman R.N., M.S., DNP

Clinical Nurse Specialist

Community Health Network

Deena Dodd

Network Development Officer

Indiana Rural Health Association

Justin Phillips

Executive Director

Overdose Lifeline, Inc.


Hydro Grow Logo

Hydro Grow LLC provides users with an automated hydroponic appliance capable of alleviating their dependence on a grocery store for most produce continuously throughout the year, using 95% less water, and an accelerated growth rate two-to-three times the speed of traditional farming methods. Memberships would provide a constant supply of seed cups (similar to Keurig k-cups) that would allow the user to have the highest quality possible produce within their home. Although the system would quickly break even for the consumer, it also keeps produce alive until the moment it is consumed, adding at least two weeks of shelf life to the produce.

Brightlamp Logo _01

Kurtis Sluss, graduate of Purdue University, with degrees in Chemical Engineering & Chemistry, CEO of Brightlamp, is an American engineer, inventor, and entrepreneur Brightlamp, LLC which is a computational medicine company and have had a passion for merging complex programming techniques with the medical sector. His focus is redefining medicine and disrupting current diagnostic technologies. He leads Brightlamp as Co-founder and CEO with experience in innovative detection and diagnostic methods and an intuition for startup success.

Brightlamp, LLC is an AI and computer vision company that produces consumer ready software for medical diagnostics. The company’s aim is to disrupt modern diagnostic technologies by migrating them to a mobile platform. Our mission is to make the world medically mobile by reforming the way we interact with technology and our health. Migration of healthcare to a mobile platform will put medicine back into the hands of everyday people and allow them access to rapid diagnostic services for a fraction of today’s costs.


Robert Agee is the CEO and Formulation Scientist of Natural Renewal. A graduate of Purdue University Biological Engineering having worked in the food, pharmaceutical, and personal care industries, he utilizes both professional knowledge and personal passion to investigate and design innovative products. His research focuses on meeting consumer demand through natural, yet innovative active ingredients and delivery systems, including personal care and nutritional supplements.

“Natural Renewal: 21st Century Liquid Woundcare” is a presentation covering the use of natural biopolymers and antimicrobial agents in OTC wound care. Through simple, yet biocompatible materials, Natural Renewal is bringing to market a new class of first-aid products to everyday consumers. The presentation documents the company’s background and development of novel wound covers, as well as exciting developments and future avenues for the research.


SpeechVive, giving people with Parkinson’s a voice!

SpeechVive is a behind the ear smart device which helps the more than 1.5 million people in the U.S. with Parkinson’s disease speak more loudly and communicate more effectively. The SpeechVive device is based on the research of Dr. Jessica Huber at Purdue University. Clinical data over 4 years demonstrated SpeechVive to be effective in improving volume, articulation, and speech rate in 90% of the people participating in two multi-site clinical trials.



Arun Giridhar, Research Scientist at Purdue, chemical engineer by education, pharmaceutical applications by career, CEO of a tech startup by drive.

PharmaPrinter is an inkjet printer for medicine, depositing precise quantities of liquid medicine on familiar substrates. This enables on-demand and just-in-time production of pharmaceutical products as the patient demand arrives, and it enables customization of dosage amounts and dosage forms to individual patients based on their specific metabolism, as their medical practitioner recommends.


Dr. Sarah Hallberg

Brian Carrico

Lilly Labs Jan Lundberg





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You are cordially invited to participate in The Next Era in Innovation Global Healthcare and Life Sciences Conference …
The Intersection of Technology and Health. 
Thursday, April 13, 2017, at the Indiana Convention Center
This first-of-its kind Conference combines technology with healthcare and the life sciences to deliver innovative solutions. The Conference tracks include research, digital health, investors and policy. Thought-provoking panels provide innovative solutions to the high-cost of healthcare, reducing readmission rates, healthcare provider burnout, and the treatment of chronic pain without the use of narcotics. In year one, we anticipate an audience made up of healthcare providers, technologists, hospital administrators, insurance providers, entrepreneurs, venture capitalists and more. We expect this Conference to become an annual event. The Conference also includes a 60-vendor Exhibit Hall and Innovation for Investors track, pairing innovation in healthcare and the life sciences such as apps, devices and diagnostics with potential venture capital. Sponsorships are available and registration is open!

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